The analysis of Annulus Rotary Engine
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The analysis of annular rotary engine is based on a new idea regarding a new type of rotary engine which functions upon a unique two – stroke working Cycle. Ever though the design is still in its theoretical stage, but due to its similarity to reciprocating engines, it is assumed it could be designed based on current fuels where internal combustion engines are envisaged.
The appearance of annular rotary engine is very similar to that of MYT engines. In such engine, the Cylinder block is ring shaped and a rotary piston rotate within in a constant direction when ignited. The concise function of the engine is as follows: first the burned gases emitted from a divided combustion chamber push the piston forward which the in let fresh air is compressed in front of rotating piston enter the same combustion chamber. It should be noted that in order the prevent the hot gases from mixing with fresh air, the combusted gases are enclave between the piston, Cylinder and a metal plate. When the combusted gas leaves the chamber, the motel plate reopens and the piston starts a new cycle of two same functions engaging the compressed fresh air. The first Cycle is similar to that of internal – combustion two stroke engines but the second Cycle differs slightly.
A prelimary calculation indicated the greater brake horse power, fuel efficiency and mechanical performance could be achieved.
Under this engine compare to that of reciprocal engines. The most important aspect of this engine is its working Cycle repetition at the central less than one complete period of shaft rotation. In such design, while the numbers of pistons have in creased to boost more power and bigger rings are used in coordination of pistons, nevertheless such rings are never bigger than the preset reciprocation engines in proportion.
That memes when we use 2/3/4 or more piston, the working Cycle shall be completed at 1.2 , 1.3 , 1.4 etc. of a period of perfect shaft rotation thus, the condition of each Cycle is constant and is similar to that mentioned above.

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