Software development for manual gearbox design for passenger cars
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In this project, new software for Manual Gearbox Design is developed. The inputs of this software are some information such as engine torque, power and specific fuel consumptions diagrams and some general automotive information such as; total weight, wheel dynamic radii, front area and drag and rolling resistance coefficient. According to these inputs, the developed software can be providing the following outputs:
1) Gearbox gear ratio in two ways, geometrical and progressive.
2) All performance curves such as; traction force and power diagrams in different gears, effect of rolling resistance and drag coefficient in vehicle speed and etc.
3) All calculation of gears in different gear, including height, width of gear teeth and other gear parameters.
4) Calculating and drawing of axes bending and torsional deflection, stress in axis and etc.
5) Shafts diameter calculation in each section based on fatigue strength, maximum deformation axis and slop using transfer matrix method (TMM) and compares these results with standard values.
Finally, the software outputs are validated with available manual gearbox specifications. Software outputs show good correlation with real sample.

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